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Almost 3,000 educators nationally have already enrolled in these programs with SACS-accredited NSU since 2001.


Congratulations to Leanne Maule, 2009 Georgia Teacher of the Year: Graduate NSU’s EdS focusing on Brain-Based Education

We congratulate Leanne Maule for her achievement in becoming 2009 Georgia Teacher of the Year. We are impressed with her commitment to creating a classroom designed with brain-based research in mind and for teaching her students practical strategies for enhancing their academic success. Leanne says it best in her brochure...

"Finally! Teachers now have concrete, research-based strategies for improving student performance. Designing the curriculum for all learners with brain-based research in mind is essential for every student’s opportunity for personal achievement. I only wish my teachers had known what I know now!"

Leanne Maule, 2009 Georgia Teacher of the Year

More Graduate and Student Comments...

"Every week I learn valuable information that is immediately applicable to my classroom.  I truly cannot express how transformational this program has been.  If you are looking for ways to improve student learning, I recommend this graduate degree program."
Diane Dahl, Oklahoma


"Some of my kids from last year who are in high school now came back to tell me that they got really high scores on their science test with the state of California. ... [They] said they’d never gotten such a high score in their lives. I told them, ‘Just remember these strategies and you’ll do well your whole life.’"
Edna Gibson, California

"This program is so positive it will give even a tired teacher energy and joy as they see their students gaining academically and socially from this new way of learning. And I can guarantee test scores will rise. I’ve seen it with my Special Ed classes and I know they will see it with on-level students if my challenged students are performing this well."
Kim Poore, South Carolina Read Complete Interview

"The faculty are tremendously well prepared. They know their material and they know their students. They are extremely engaged with their students, highly accessible, and responsive. I have nothing but glowing remarks about the whole process of earning my degree through NSU."
Douglas Stewart, Tennessee

"Not only did I earn my T-5 pay scale increase with this Master’s Degree, I also learned practical strategies for increasing student achievement! I believe that every educator should earn this degree."
Christina Issac, Georgia

"It is not just getting the master’s to get a pay raise. It is a perk that I am getting tools to improve my trade and improve myself. I feel good about having new skills that improve my effectiveness and competence."
Ben Schmauss, Nevada Read Complete Interview

"With this Ed.S. program I qualified for my T-6 pay increase while earning my degree 100% online in 14 months. In this time I learned practical strategies for helping all students learn that I can apply both at school and also for helping my own children at home!"
Ellen Hooper, Georgia

"Focusing on strategies to increase optimistic thinking gave my students the boost they needed."
Nichole Galinkin, Florida Read Complete Interview

"Studying this program online let me focus my valuable time and energy putting the exciting strategies into practice in my classroom."
P.D. Huff, California

"The BrainSMART program positively transformed my personal and professional life."
Mary Lou Young-Clark, Michigan

"The program is cutting edge, brain-based and proven, and the academic staff is extremely open, helpful and always willing to offer support. My research has taken me a lot farther than I ever thought it would. It’s turned into a passion for me."
Chuck Balogh, Arizona Read Complete Interview

"The content has been useful on a daily basis for me. A day does not go by where I have not used something that I’ve been taught or something that I’ve learned through the BrainSMART program."
Denise Friedman, Illinois Read Complete Interview

"This program provides great data and evidence about the academic relevance of physical education for our young people. The state of the learner is very important and has been ignored for far too long by most districts."
Marlene Mendes, California Read Complete Interview

"The content of this degree program is so fascinating that it keeps me motivated to keep studying. I enjoy learning 100% online and am recommending this program to friends and colleagues."
Breean Thurber, Nevada

"My students are really benefiting from the strategies that I learned from this highly practical online Master’s degree. In addition to qualifying for my T-5 pay increase I am really enjoying seeing the positive impact on my students."
Dewey Hooper, Georgia Read Complete Interview

"This degree program has helped me learn practical ways for increasing student learning, while allowing me to work toward my Master’s plus 30 all 100% online."
Terri Lynn Dress, South Carolina

"If you’re interested in growing professionally and personally, it’s a great program. If you’re interested in boosting your students’ interest and energy, this is excellent information to use in your classroom and personal life."
Shirley Ann Carey, Georgia Read Complete Interview

"I earned my T-6 payscale with this Ed.S., completed my degree in 14 months, and learned great strategies that I can use to help my students succeed. I have shared my experience with many colleagues who are now enjoying the programs!"
Barbara Peck, Georgia

"I learned practical strategies to use with students and my own children."
Michelle Canning, Nevada

"I would recommend this program to anybody wishing to learn strategies for increasing student achievement while earning their degree from home. This program is making a positive difference in my life as well."
Susan Hyzer, Georgia

"This coursework will help you understand the science of learning and what you can do on a daily basis to impact your kids in a positive way. BrainSMART techniques will be instrumental in helping your students improve their successes and academic achievements. If you want to improve your teaching skills, this is the program you need to consider. I have about six colleagues seriously considering enrolling in the program."
D’Jon McNair, Georgia

"I recommend this Master’s degree to anyone who wants to learn practical strategies they can use to increase student learning while earning their degree online. I have found the strategies useful in my work as an educator as well as at home with family."
Krista Thomas, South Carolina

"This has been an excellent program that has certainly enhanced my classroom instruction and provided me with wonderful strategies, tools, resources, and research to be a much better teacher in the classroom."
Gina Brinkley, Georgia

"This program is different from anything I’ve studied before. Every teacher should earn this practical degree."
Monica Brown, Georgia


"BrainSMART has provided me with an incredible arsenal of instructional strategies to meet just about any challenge I could have in the classroom. It usually takes years of successful teaching to acquire these skills, but BrainSMART gives you the opportunity to learn them in a little over a year."
Theresa Dodge, Massachusetts

"Brain-based teaching and learning strategies are infused in pretty much everything I do, and I think that it has accelerated the level of what these students are able to do."
Melissa Smith, Georgia

"BrainSMART is cutting-edge thinking. It is not about ‘thinking outside the box.’ It is about never using a box in the first place."
Meg Norris, Georgia

"The best investment we can make in our nation’s schools is in training teachers how to teach students in ways they learn best. I have been a principal of an alternative middle school as well as elementary schools and have found that the BrainSMART strategies for leading and teaching are essential for helping diverse learners achieve academic success. Some of my teachers earned their master’s degree in Brain-Based Teaching, and it had a very positive effect on student learning in their classrooms and in the school."
Priscilla Bourgeois, Louisiana

"These strategies really work! All of these ideas are easy to use and adapt all the way from kindergarten up through high school."
Christena Nelson, Utah

"The BrainSMART program has brought me to a higher level of professionalism by teaching me about brain-based learning in greater depth than ever before."
Therese Reder, New Jersey

"I use strategies from the BrainSMART program every day. ... When you apply these methods, you can be sure that what you do in your classroom is based on how people actually learn."
Jeff Paul, Nevada